A trusted source. A global reach.

Working closely and successfully with both high-potential talent and industry-leading companies continues to keep Corporate Collaborations a highly trusted talent source in the US and around the globe.

Competitive talent. Deeper understanding.

Our placements are on par, or beyond, other top retained agencies. We actively work to build an organization’s strength through authentic partnerships and superior understanding of each company’s unique culture. This focus on quality over quantity, and fit over quota, ensures a higher caliber of experienced talent and a greater opportunity of success for all.

Retained, Semi-Retained and Contingency Searches.

We offer three search options that are driven by level and complexity of the role. All searches will be personally led by one of our Partners in order to build a strong relationship of trust and understanding with your HR and, as appropriate, line organization.

Consulting Services For Companies

We are pleased to announce we will be offering consulting services on best financial practices for corporations. Please contact us for more information.

“Corporate Collaborations has been a very valuable resource in helping us build our financial organization in Shanghai. They have an outstanding track record of bringing us only the best experienced, high potential corporate talent.”
Vice President and CFO for Asia, Fortune 200 Global Manufacturer – Durable Goods
“I have worked with Corporate Collaborations for several years. During that time, I have been impressed with the firm’s service and personal commitment to meeting my professional recruitment needs. In fact, I have utilized Corporate Collaborations to fill several key leadership positions within our Global Finance Organization, and I am very pleased with the results.”
Chief Financial Officer & President, Fortune 1,000 Global, High Profile Data Services Company
“Corporate Collaborations specializes in high profile finance professionals and executives with Corporate Finance experience. We have been extremely pleased with the talent hired through Corporate Collaborations! These individuals have excelled and integrated seamlessly into our corporate culture. They rank among the best in our entire finance organization.”
Finance Director, Americas, Fortune 50 Global Manufacturer – Consumer Goods
“Their commitment to excellence, integrity and strong passion for what they do will prove to be a successful winning formula and other businesses should look to as an example.”
Finance & Accounting Group Manager, Fortune 50 Global Manufacturer – Consumer Goods
“The recommendations we received for Corporate Collaborations as a potential vendor were excellent and we decided to move forward with a relationship. We were impressed with the time the Corporate Collaborations staff spent understanding our needs and focusing their candidate pool to meet those requirements. As a business partner, they have also spent time with us discussing broader recruiting trends that have helped us improve other recruiting activities including entry level campus recruiting. We have been very pleased with the caliber of talent we’ve obtained through Corporate Collaborations and have found the talent they have presented as having the potential to progress to higher levels in our global organization.”
Director Finance Career Development, Fortune 200 Global Manufacturer – Consumer Goods
“Phyllis Wagner has converted her long term and deep relationships with talented people and companies around the country into one of the top Finance executive recruiting shops. They have a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of how to meet clients’ needs as an executive recruiter. Corporate Collaborations helped me recruit two extremely talented senior Finance leaders, both who ascended to public company CFO roles including one who become my successor.”
CFO, Fortune 1,000 Global Manufacturer – Durable Goods/Consumer Goods
“At P&G, Phyllis Wagner modeled a business partnership approach long before it had an industry name and became the gold standard for HR organizations globally. So years later when I heard that she started her own recruiting/placement business, it was an easy decision to work with her…..because of her ability to add value to every search I brought to her. We have worked together on several difficult and demanding searches, and throughout she fully owned the ultimate successful outcome, continuing to mobilize resources….never giving up or walking away. Corporate Collaborations has thrived using a simple but fairly uncommon approach: they are completely vested in the success of their clients.”
EVP and CFO, Global High Profile Specialty Retail
“Corporate Collaborations is a small, mid-west based group with a global reach! They are known for building strong partnerships with their client firms and their growth has been due to their outstanding reputation for bringing high potential, experienced leadership talent to their client firms across a variety of industries.”
Senior Vice President, Comptroller & Treasury, Fortune 50 Global Manufacturer – Consumer Goods

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